Revolutionizing the bike market

Revelo is the platform for those looking for a new ride who don’t want to sacrifice good service and quality on a used bike.

My task was to design a logo and set the stone for an identity that highlighted Revelo’s inclusive position for any kind of customer as they offer the entire range and brand variety of bikes, cargo bikes or e-bikes. During the project period I worked closely with the client to make sure the logo reflects the alignment of their brand.

Services I provided

– Market Research
– Branding

One of a kind

A different approach

This project was different from others in that the focus was not on a particular style or orientation, but to appeal to a wide range of users and customers. Understanding a brand, their approach and needs is always at the core of any of my projects. Riding bike myself regularly helped a bit but in order to dive deeper into the world I discussed the initial research Revelo regarding their competitors, orientation, and business plan. Various charts, flow maps etc. were created that sharpened the vision and visual language that was needed for such a brand.

Thinking of everyone

The logo illustrates this approach by showing an R in a circle coming together in an arrow. These aspects make for an inclusive and inviting brand. We find similar expressive qualities in Garet, the main typeface. It's crisp yet soft and emphasizes the character of the logo, making the brand more empathetic and respectful.

A brand that stands out

Other promotional materials adopt this concept by combining circular shapes, cheerful images, and various colors representing the diverse and broad audience in eye-catching ways.

The outcome

Revelo provides a platform solution for the everyone looking for an affordable and serviced bycicle. With a new, revamped design, Revelo can reach new highs on their mission to make bikes available for everybody.

I am are proud to have contributed to Revelo’s journey and look forward to any future projects they may have in mind.

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