DJ Cruz
DJ Cruz

Translating music and rythm into a web experience

DJ Cruz inspires people through his music and takes them on a journey that makes them forget everyday life.

When DJ Cruz plays at events and clubs, he mixes urban and Latin tunes to make people dance.
He approached me to design a website that would showcase his style and allow him to promote upcoming events and bookings.

Services I provided

– Web Design
– Responsive Design
– Interaction Design

Catching through color

From the dancefloor to the web

The goal was to visualize what DJ Cruz is achieving every time he puts on a track: Get people excited. Thus a big focus was the usage of smooth and carefully placed animations that underline the DJ’s harmonic and powerful beats. Overall, the use of animation helps to give the website a lively and energetic feel, perfectly capturing the spirit of DJ Cruz's performances.

It also helps to create a more engaging and interactive experience for users, making them more likely to explore the website and learn more about DJ Cruz's events and bookings.

Wrapping up

With a new, striking design, the new website represents DJ Cruz's sound, helps him to effectively promote his services and event, and excites people even before they enter the dance floor.

I am happy to have contributed to DJ Cruz's journey and helped him increase his online presence as well as attract new clients, resulting in a significant increase in bookings and overall success.

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