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    Packing app for families

    Less stress for parents
    Worry less about packing for your holidays and spend more time with your family.


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    UI / UX Design

    The initial idea for the project was based on an experience I made myself when booking a package holiday a year ago. I got a big booklet containing some information about my travel destination and a checking list for packing your luggage. And my first thought was: “That can be improved!” So that’s what I wanted to do in this project:

    My goal was to improve the after-sale experience of package travelers in particular the packing list, which was the only useful information in the 50-page booklet I got.

    When I presented my project, I thought that my target group would be people who travel for the first time in their life or those who travel irregularly and need help packing their luggage. But after I did some research, I found that package holidays are primarily done by families where the parents are between 30 and 55 years old.

    So I kept that information in mind for my project and adapted my concept. I wanted families to be able to focus more on spending time and taking care of their children and feel less stressed when traveling.

    The idea

    Enhance the traveling experience for package holidays by modernizing the after-sales service.

    The concept

    Improve the customer journey of booking package holidays by building an app that uses data and information on the flight, hotel, and weather of the travel destination to gather a list that is tailored specifically to the user’s needs.

    Using clear and distinct wording for the target group that is between 30 and 55, accessibility and ease of use is ensured. In addition, the number of steps needed for specific actions is minimized to reduce confusion.

    Getting started

    The user starts by scanning his luggage or entering the measurements manually to ensure the packing list being as detailed as possible.

    Getting things done

    A clean interface is used showing the most important data – weather, categories and items – at all time

    Share with your oldest

    By sharing a packing list – for example with your 16-year-old child – you can split the work and have to worry about one luggage less.

    Adapting for the user

    Increased size of touchpoints and the use of tooltips and distinct wording allow for an ehanced experience for the target group.

    Small features were added to further enhance usability. For example, all items can be checked if 3 or more items are checked within 2 seconds.

    Items can be deleted with a swipe to left. Gestures like this feel natural to all
    smartphone users and are familiar even to an older target group.

    The functionalities and interfaces are designed to reduce the time the user needs to spend packing while maintaining enough customizability for changes.
    While working on the app I consistently questioned parents – my primary target group – and with the feedback that was gathered from them, I ran through dierent iterations of functionalities. In earlier versions of the app, you would have to click on a 3 dot icon on the right side of the item, then click on “edit” which would open a new screen where you would be able to change the name, category and amount of that item.

    Testing dierent approaches, allowed me to change the steps needed from 3 to 2 as well as not having to leave the main screen.

    Lastly, a feature was designed to notify users in advance of drastic weather changes in their vacation destination. The app then suggests changes to the packing list, listing which items would be removed and which would be added.


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