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Dashboard for a CPaaS company

I have designed and developed an interface for a CPaaS company, which is used to create and manage marketing campaigns.


CPaaS company

Type of project



UI / UX Design
Web Development

All-encompassing administration

The goal of the website is to provide users with a complete and automated way to manage marketing campaigns. Therefore it was necessary that the interface was easy to use. For this reason, for example, almost all of the elements can be dragged and dropped to provide an enhanced user experience.

The campaigns can be scheduled to send automatically at the right time.
The operation is simple and easily accessible, the user only has to click through the different phases step by step.

It was a challenge to make the layout clear and at the same time easily accessible when large amounts of data are visible. Users are given the ability to create new campaigns or import them from existing records and then manage them within the dashboard. All record information can be edited, rearranged and deleted.

Extensions of the system

The system is modular and can be expanded at any time if the customer has further requirements in the future. It is also possible to activate a dark mode, which is intended for users who prefer to work in a dark environment and also to relieve the strain on the eyes when working on a campaign for long periods of time.


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