Building a platform for gaming and esport professionals

Tracics offers a set of tools that have been designed in detail to meet the needs of esport professionals to analyze their matches in the shortest possible time so they are best prepared for future tournaments.

With the ever-increasing popularity of esports, I saw great potential in creating a platform to analyze the vast datasets and information that competitive gaming can provide. A branding as well as a dashboard was created for which a complete market analysis was carried out.

Services I provided

– Market Research

– Branding

– Product Design

– UI/UX Desgin

– Design System

One of a kind

Efficiency at its core

Users should be able to understand, adapt to, and ultimately defeat their competitors. Emotions would be secondary; the primary goal was to visualise data in a way that would help them understand areas and aspects they needed to improve. The concept I came up with after looking at many other dashboards and doing my initial research, was to motivate users by showing them directly where they needed to improve and where they were performing worse than others. This may sound counterproductive at first, but considering the target audiences, it works very well.

Utilizing what's familiar

An important tool is the video player that makes it possible to quickly skim an entire match and analyze the most important moments and moves in detail. Therefore, I designed an interface that shows the game from a bird’s eye view, making the recording of information much faster and clearer compared to the classic first-person perspective of the game’s integrated replay function.

In addition, various game elements such as grenades and players can be turned on and off for a better overview, so that it is also possible to focus on details and individual people.

The result

Within a few months of close collaboration with our clients, I was able to deliver a product that meats the high requirements of its target group. On top of that, the system is highly modular. I placed the user at the centre of the project, and designed the website to be as intuitive and efficient as possible, ensuring a smooth user experience throughout every feature.

Tracics enables esport professionals to finally use tools that have been established in other sports for years and does so on the highest level possible.

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